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While on a first viewing i dont think it is a masterpiece, there was alot to like about this film, especially the cinematography and miseenscene each shot was so well staged and the sets so sumptiously full of detail it was like. This documentary shot over two years recounts the masters life and career across some 36 interviews with actors, producers and crew members from the films. Kenji mizoguchi entered the film world as a promoter of western novelty in japanese cinema and exited it as an acclaimed international director who exemplified japan at its most traditional. The life of a film director aru eigakantoku no shogai dirigido por kaneto shindo. Sansho the bailiff by kenji mizoguchi kenji mizoguchi. Mizoguchi kenji, born may 16, 1898, tokyo, japandied aug. It is to his eternal credit, however, that they emerge less as sociopolitical tracts than as emotionally moving, dramatically refined works of art.

These notes accompany the screenings of kenji mizoguchis the life of oharu on may 9, 10, and 11 in theater 3 in the last five years of his life, kenji mizoguchi 18981956. Ive included some of the major works of the big three directors of. Kenji mizoguchi director biography madman entertainment. They were discovered, and oharu and her family were exiled. After the life of oharu and ugetsu won prizes in successive venice film festivals in the early 50s, mizoguchi became an icon for the nascent french new wave. Sipping monty pythons holy ale while watching monty python and. Kenji mizoguchi 18981956 japanese film director and scriptwriter. Kenji mizoguchi the life of a film director 1975 kaneto. He is particularly known for films that portray the lives of women, whom he often depicts as suffering and sacrificing in a malecontrolled society.

Kenji mizoguchi, flame of my love waga koi wa moenu 1949. Onibaba le assassine italiano completo film duration. A documentary film on the life and works of director kenji. Mizoguchi, kenji, 18981956, japanese film director.

This documentary film chronicles the life of one of the most wellknown japanese movie directors mizoguchi kenji, using interviews with actors, actresses, cinematographer, producers, script writers. Kenji mizoguchi the life of a film director 1975 kaneto shindo by argenis mills. Kenji mizoguchi, mizoguchi kenji, may 16, 1898 august 24, 1956 was a japanese film director and screenwriter. Mizoguchi made more than 80 features, but some 50 from the silent film and early sound years have not survived. Later he became an assistant director and made his first film in 1922. With takako irie, daisuke ito, kyoko kagawa, matsutaro kawaguchi. Kenji mizoguchi was born into a modest middleclass family. Over the years, the director of such classics as taxi driver, raging bull and the wolf of wall street. One of the best documentaries about a film director, this is twoandahalf hours long and chockfull of. When it won the 1952 golden lion at the venice film festival one year after akira kurosawas rashomon did the same, oharu not only solidified the reputation of japanese cinema but also ended mizoguchi s.

Kenji mizoguchi white city cinema a film blog with a. Having refined his craft in the silent era, kenji mizoguchi was an elder statesman of japanese cinemafiercely revered by akira kurosawa and other younger directorsby the time he made ugetsu. Mizoguchis topic selection is seen as reflecting his personal life, which was filled with. Genroku chushingura, also known as the fortyseven ronin of the genroku era, or in the case of kenji mizoguchi s twopart, 220minute adaptation, the loyal fortyseven ronin 194142, is one of japans great historical legends. The life of a film director shindo, japan kenji mizoguchi was, in my opinion, the greatest of all japanese directors and here he gets a fitting tribute from another master, his compatriot kaneto shindo onibaba. Although he filmed almost 90 movies in the silent era, only his last 12 productions are really known outside of japan because they were especially produced for venice e. It was awarded a silver lion and italian critics award. Kenji mizoguchi the life of a film director 1975 kaneto shindo. Kenji mizoguchi, story of the last chrysanthemums 1939 eng. Culture the 100 greatest foreignlanguage films bbc.

As director tokuzo tanaka suggests, kenji mizoguchi s ugetsu is a mediation on the ephemeral nature of life, a film that contrasts the sensible needs of women with the greedy ambitions of man, the alluring beauty of the spirit world with the blunt horror of reality. Kenji mizoguchi, victory of women, josei no shori kenji mizoguchi, 1946. The life of oharu producer, screenwriter, director. The life of a film director aru eigakantoku no shogai is a 1975 japanese documentary film on the life and works of director kenji mizoguchi, directed by kaneto shindo onibaba. Richard brody on the 1939 film the story of the last chrysanthemum, a major work by the japanese director kenji mizoguchi. Later in his life, mizoguchi maintained that his career as a serious director did not begin. Kenji mizoguchi the historical settings, fragile grace and quiet lyricism of mizoguchi s films cannot conceal their carefully controlled anger, and their pertinence to 20thcentury life. During the three decades of his career as a film director, mizoguchi was one of. Mizoguchi s work is renowned for its long takes and miseenscene. In 1975, shindo made the long documentary kenji mizoguchi. Kenji mizoguchi, story of the last chrysanthemums 1939 eng subs. By the time he made ugetsu, kenji mizoguchi was already an elder statesman of japanese cinema, fiercely revered by akira kurosawa and other directors of a younger generation. William wylers roman holiday, and won the italian critics award as well. The great director s legendary version of chushingura is finally available in a sparkling dvd transfer.

Saikaku ichidai onna 1952 the life of oharu alt alamy. From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia kenji mizoguchi may 16, 1898 august 24, 1956 was a japanese film director and screenwriter. Ive been a constant reader of imdb for many years though have never before submitted a comment. Kenji mizoguchi 18981956 was a japanese film director most noted for exploring both. The life of a film director, now available on dvd and one of the best films ever made about a director. Well, i saw my first mizoguchi film today story of the late chrysanthemums and im mightily impressed. The 47 ronin 1941 uk region 2 compatible all region dvd. Though maybe not director kenji mizoguchi s most perfect film ugetsu and sansho the bailiff usually garner this title, life of oharu is arguably his most important work. The life of oharu 1952 directed by kenji mizoguchi.

Viewed with kaneto shindos invaluable documentary, this becomes an obvious. May 16, 1898 august 24, 1956 was a japanese film director and screenwriter. Mizoguchi uses her personal travails to study the issues of gender, class and ideology in the edo period. More recently mizoguchi s early films have come under scrutiny. Mizoguchis best director film was the life of oharu saikaku ichidai onna. June 12, 2015 the 40 best films of 1975 on the occasion of my 40th birthday by michaelgloversmith. Kenji mizoguchi the life of a film director 1975 kaneto shindo duration. Kenji mizoguchi one of japans most important filmmakers, kenji mizoguchi created a cinema rich in technical mastery and social commentary, specifically regarding the place of women in japanese society. For a majority of film goers, the names most usually associated with classic japanese cinema are those of kurosawa and ozu. Mizoguchi, kenji article about mizoguchi, kenji by the.

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