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A picture inspired by the symbols of captain sparklez. Maron is primarily known for playing the video game minecraft, which is featured on his main channel, captainsparklez, and the channel captainsparklez 2. Markiplier, chilledchaos, cryaotic, uberhaxornova, xxslyfoxhoundxx, pewdiepie, thebajancanadian, captainsparklez, tob. This is the first realm of mianite 2 server in the world as the first season starring synhd and friends came to an end weve been working endlessly to give you the cleanest and most entertaining experience there is. Sparkles, jericho and firefoxx came to the newly build mianite temple. And not only did she have a husband, she had kids, and grandkids. This episode aired 2 weeks later and the name is changed. If mianite comes back ill put make an animated series based on mianite on my bucket list. Find this pin and more on mianite by maddie taylor. Tom says this whenever hes sneaking upon one of the inhabitants usually using. P also, if you watch his series mianite, a funny reference would be in order for you to get the powers, you need to dress in pink leather armor, holding a pink tulip, and run around sprinting for at least 20 seconds.

In the start of the adventurous, dramatic, and comedic world of mianite, we had two characters. The last reester one since im impatient and want to get to my fanart of every mianite episode thing. On captainsparklezs 17th episode titled, a heros quest. Nvidia has joined the server minecraft animation based on mianite season if only this.

Since it was soul bound, after being killed by ianite in season 2 episode 34. The heroes, i changed and recoloured tom, ill upda. Lady ianites true feelings, a minecraft fanfic fanfiction. So the season 1 of mianite ended today and i thought about making skins for each of the characters in the series. The heroes jumped and stared at tom, as he had the final shot that killed dianite, the. So expect to see more mianite skins in the future anyway. With this knowledge, sparklez has a headstart on the other heroes in his. The first reference of her existence is in the first episode of captainsparklez. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sure, ianite was a goddess who had responsibilities, but she was asleep for a whole year. Shop captainsparklez mianite tshirts designed by midnightpremiere as well as other mianite merchandise at teepublic. Please note that this is not 100% correct since i wasnt able to see everything.

Alright, whats going on dudes and welcome to the captainsparklez subreddit. Mianite purge highlights out here with the big boy edits. See more ideas about jordan maron, captain, youtubers. Captainsparklez will totaly do a video on this, he does like the onecommandblock contraptions. This is my version of captainsparklez as he would be seen in the mianite series. Jordan allen maron is known on youtube as captainsparklez. The god of the overworld told jordan to meet him at the top of the temple by going up the sand hill. Captainsparklez rocks skydoesminecraft rocks to hes awesome and funny. This is for girls for the most part, but i can try to write some for guys if you all would like. Damnit, sparklez i just finished the full body armour and then you change it in the next episode.

See more ideas about fan art, youtubers and where did it go. Until season two reveals that the shadows and world historian are the same person, and world historian was season twos biggerbad. Explore tons of new realms, experience epic rpg content, while also getting to. This specific fanfic short story comes from season 2 episode 53 dating ianite. Jericho worshipped mianite, and tom worshipped the evil god dianite. The encyclopedia of the minecraft streaming series mianite, created by thesyndicateproject and iijeriichoii this is a community project, so please consider contributing to keep the wiki clean and with informative and formal resources. Loved the hilarity of the forcefield prank and all the stupidity with the taint and nvidia. Ive changed captainsparklez, hes got the ultimate sword. Officer tucker and his deputies uncover captainsparklez hidden grow house. Captainsparklez drug bust mianite highlight minecraft.

My thoughts on how spark took this go mostly three ways. Mianite season 2 has now finished and a date for season 3 is unconfirmed. They should do an animated series of every episode from season 1 and 2. Its where your interests connect you with your people. Sparklez and wag mianite reference markiplier, pewdiepie, minecraft fan art, minecraft houses. Little did you know, you would capture the heart of another ianite worshiper, an. Captainsparklez mansion in minecraft ever since i saw those news stories about his new house, i wanted to build it. Jordan also posts gameplay of other games such as happy wheels, left 4 dead 2, portal, trials evolution, garrys mod, and rarely call of duty, often playing in coop with some of his friends. Evidence surfaces indicating peggys late husband marcus a hero cop killed in the line of duty was actually on the take, and joe sets out to clear his name. The youtubers stream for two hours daily on twitch from noon to two oclock pst. Why wait for mianite 3 when you could have dianite. Mianite is streamed live daily at 12pm pacific3pm eastern8pm gmt at previous episode.

Tom cassell, known to most as syndicate, thesyndicateproject, life of tom or synhd, is one of the first two inhabitants of the realm of mianite. Set in the realm of mianite season 2, after the sky travelers left, the world was destroyed, however, something remained, and recreated the realm to the best of its ability, however, being of evil have invaded, the creator sought out the help of a hero, and summoned a. Well all the same, i dont envision this taking more than a. The greatest american hero reseda rose tv episode 1981. You find yourself in the world of mianite, in a mans yard. The new season of ultra modded survival is finally here, and the modpack has been updated for the first time in ages. I made this from pictures that were available online. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community.

The name ianite comes from mianite and dianite but without their first letters. Jordan maron, minecraft characters, where did it go, episode 3, youtubers. Captainsparklez is a hero,gonna take pollution down to zero, gonna reasearch all the thalm craft, and. He was one of two creators of the world of mianite alongside tucker, his friend and roommate at the time. His name is captainsparklez, and he tells you more about the realm and the gods. Oct 22, 2019 this boards about one of my favorite gamers captain sparklez. The shadows looked to be this, but was ultimately revealed to be a ploy by dianite to test his followers loyalty. He was first seen outside of the doors of the prison in episode 1 of mianite season two. Kay so ive been rewatching mianite s2 and finally seeing episodes that i missed and. As the heroes rode to the inertia, with martha, jordan talked to andor, and. It was stolen on day 23 by captainsparklez and thrown into the ocean. This exciting, wellwritten mystery boasts interesting clues including a clever and deceptively simple method of enciphering and one great narrative curve ball i did not see coming. Jordan maron born february 10, 1992, better known by his online alias captainsparklez, is an american youtube personality, gamercommentator, and electronic musician.

See more ideas about youtubers, jordan maron and where did it go. In episode 72 on jordan side, the voices in jordans head were questioning. Captainsparklez is a hero,gonna take pollution down to zero, gonna reasearch all the thalm craft, and safe the world from taint, yah. Nom nom comics random art kunst comic book comic strips cartoon comic books. Season 2 debuted on the 31 st of january and ended on the 29 th of june. After hearing about ianite you were entranced, and decided to worship her. Andor, at first, did not want to go to the inertia with them, saying hes had enough. Xd this was by far the funniest episode of mianite, everyone was setting up a. Mianite ianite captainsparklez mianite fanart artists on tumblr lmaooo tbt to the mianite days yo i still miss drawing ianite my art.

Captainsparklez is a hero,gonna take pollution down to. This may be more of an ordeal than i was originally envisioning. Mianite is streamed live daily at 12pm pacific3pm eastern8pm gmt at. This is a longer version of the one i made and had posted onto the comment section of the youtube video. After the heroes, including syndicate, traveled to the nether to retrieve ianites. It cant be a coincidence that in this episode our hero is suddenly named mr. Later that day, while he was helping tucker on his elevator, captainsparklez. On captainsparklez s 17th episode titled, a hero s quest. Especially their coop sky block where mark and nick kept causing all sorts of shenanigans and jordan would have to clean up their messes. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Play along with captainsparklez in this crazy fun and jam packed modpack designed as a replica of the one used in his series, whether youre a veteran from the old pack or have just discovered it now. Mianite was created on 29th of may 2014 by syndicate and iijeriichoii.

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